We carry a number of DEMO bikes used for test-rides, trade shows, and special events. We also receive bicycle trade-ins from customers looking to upgrade their ride. If you have a either a conventional or electric bike you'd like to see about trading in for a new bike, please visit our Trade-in Program page. We have partnered with Bicycle Blue Book to provide the safest and fairest valuation of your bike. Read all about the Bicycle Blue Book trade-in program here. 

For our DEMO and consignment e-bikes, we typically liquidate at the end of the season. When purchasing a DEMO, you receive full warranty (unless otherwise specified), and a like-new bike that has less than 100 miles on it. For a 10-20% discount, this is an incredible value. 

We ship any DEMO, consignment, or used e-bike anywhere in the continental U.S. Please see our shipping policy for more information. 

This collection does not contain any products.

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